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Our Revolutionary Cavity Treatment

Our Revolutionary Cavity Treatment

With this system of detecting tooth decay, Dr. Greider can identify areas of concern on any tooth surface, around restorations, and even under sealants. Canary System™ can also discover cracks in your teeth. Because the system is able to detect minute amounts of decay, Dr. Greider can administer a noninvasive cavity treatment, such as remineralization therapy, instead of restoration.

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Meet Our Skilled Dentist

Meet Our Skilled Dentist

Dr. William Greider has been helping people achieve beautiful smiles for more than thirty years. With his extensive experience, caring staff of professionals, and use of advanced dental technology, you can have healthier teeth and gums without sacrificing comfort or convenience. Call our office now to schedule a consultation.

Reduce Gum Disease

Reduce Gum Disease without a scalpel or sutures

The Deep Pocket Therapy with New Attachment Procedure leverages the Lightwalker by Fotona to perform incision-free treatment that results in little to no discomfort or post-operative pain. The procedure is designed to reduce the depth of the pockets between the teeth while removing calculus and bacteria that cause gum disease.

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Sleep apnea

Get a Good Night’s RestWith NightLase®

We provide non-surgical laser treatment to manage sleep apnea and snoring.

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Teeth whitening

A perfect white smile is now safer and faster than ever before.

The Epic Laser laser-assisted whitening treatment helps patients achieve permanent, natural looking results after ONE single treatment. There is no unnecessary thermal burden on the tooth and patients experience up to TEN times shorter treatments.

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We Offer Laser Cavity Removal No shot, no drill, no fear

  • Relief to patients experiencing trouble caused from snoring and sleep apnea.
  • Alleviates the stress that comes from dental fillings.
  • Cavity preps with no drill, no needles, no shots!
  • No numbing!
  • Minimally invasive!
  • Reduces pain, swelling, and need for medication!

Contact the office today to see if the Lightwalker Laser is an option for you!

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Welcome to North Cape Dental Associates

The path to a beautiful smile has never been so easy!

Whether you want to transform the appearance of your smile or want to improve the health of your teeth, Dr. William Greider can help. With more than 30 years of experience and the assistance of a compassionate staff of dental professionals, our skilled dentist in Cape Coral and Fort Myers, FL, can give you the smile you have always wanted: one that is healthy and beautiful.

Every smile is unique — much like the person it belongs to. Whether you want to whiten or straighten teeth, change the contour, or replace old amalgam fillings, we can help you transform your smile. We provide Invisalign®, the clear alternative to traditional braces, as well as porcelain veneers, teeth whitening, Botox®, and a host of other cosmetic solutions to suit your needs.

We also offer unrivaled dental technology, including Canary System™ cavity detection, CariVu™ caries detection device, PerioLase® (LANAP), digital X-rays, and VELScope® oral cancer screening.

Schedule your consultation with our experienced cosmetic dentist in Cape Coral, FL, today and get excited about how beautiful your smile can be.

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